CIV ‘Bronze Sponsor’ protagonist at the International Strawberry Symposium


Mr Diamanti and Mr Leis tell us: “We are present on the global scene of strawberry farming in the name of economic and environmental sustainability”


CIV-Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti based in San Giuseppe di Comacchio (Ferrara, Italy) will take part and play a leading role in the upcoming 9th ISHS-ISS Symposium (International Strawberry Symposium), organised by the Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) and the Polytechnic University of Marche (Virtual Edition: May 1st to 5th, 2021). It is an important scientific event of global significance, which everyone in the strawberry world has been waiting for and is returning to Italy after more than 30 years.

To date, nearly 800 registrations have been received from all over the world; China, a continental country where strawberry production is becoming increasingly important, with a current production of more than 3 million tons on 300,000 hectares, will be an important scientific participant.

CIV will be the “Bronze Sponsor” of the symposium, as a supporter of the ”VIRTUAL TECHNICAL TOUR NORTHERN AREA”, and it will also take part in the ”Virtual Technical Tour to Southern Areas” with its varieties.

The virtual technical tour from the south to the northern areas of the country will provide the opportunity for young scientists and experts to discover the highly diversified Italian strawberry production system and, especially, to virtually visit nurseries and cultivation areas in northern Italy: Cesena, Ferrara, Verona and Trento. Videos from different cultivation areas will be available in the Library of the virtual platform from the beginning of the Symposium until 1 year after the event.

Among the participants at the official virtual event presentation there were Jacopo Diamanti and Michelangelo Leis, breeders of CIV, who – from a greenhouse in Cesena – outlined the cornerstones and results of CIV’s ‘Strawberry’ research programme, which is focused on economic and environmental sustainability. “CIV’s genetic improvement programme started in Italy and then moved to a global level: we are present on the global strawberry scene in more than 60 countries with our June-bearers and ever-bearers varieties”. CIV means quality and respect for the environment. CIV has always been committed to varietal innovation thanks to its consolidated experience, continuous investments in Research & Development, synergy and cooperation with the most qualified public and private research centres at international level.

CIV breeders also explained: “With our southern and northern strawberry varieties (June-bearers strawberries with low and high chill requirements and ever-bearers varieties) we are a reference centre of variety innovation for farmers at international level, thanks to high quality sensory characteristics, adaptability and major disease resistance to meet production needs, satisfy different customer segments and preserve nature”.

Finally, the breeders concluded as follows: “Our varieties such as Clerypbr and Muranopbr – which are market leaders in many European countries – are appreciated for their great resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses and are suitable to be grown in situations with low environmental impact, providing a great advantage for the environment and the consumer, who can get high-quality and healthy fruit”.

Click here to follow the virtual event: https://www.webiss2021.com/



  • Info Sheet / CIV Strawberry breeding program

Active since 1984, it has been developed following four lines of research: strawberries for mild Mediterranean climate environments, for continental climate environments, re-flowering and varieties suitable for industrial transformation. The use of traditional techniques, and the development of new varieties that guarantee high production and excellent-quality fruit, together with a natural rusticity and vitality of the plants, are CIV’s primary objectives, in order to offer the national and international markets not only quality but also the highest level of eco-sustainability.


  • Info Sheet / CIV – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti

CIV – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti – is the Italian leader in variety innovation and the production of certified propagation material. Operating since 1983, based in San Giuseppe di Comacchio, in the Italian province of Ferrara, CIV is a joint venture between three leading Italian nurseries: Vivai Mazzoni, Salvi Vivai, Tagliani Vivai. By means of synergy, experience and significant investments in research, CIV is in a position to offer the latest and most market-driven products. For years, and with a great foresight, CIV has been involved in selecting varieties which can provide high quality production with reduced energy requirements and low environmental impact. Altogether, the three nurseries produce about 5 million rootstocks, 3.5 million apple, pear and stone fruit trees and 250 million strawberry plants every year. CIV is a founding member of the International New-varieties Network (INN), a worldwide association of nurseries which encourages the exchange, evaluation and marketing of new varieties in the world’s major production areas.


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