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The CONSORZIO ITALIANO VIVAISTI is one of the world’s most specialized private entities in strawberry plants, apple and pear tree and rootstock research and development. Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti aims to reach a high level of variety innovation and production of certified propagation material.

Over 40 years experience

CIV is a joint venture between 3 leading nurseries in Europe with over 40 years experience in in fruit trees and strawberry plants, Vivai Mazzoni, Salvi Vivai, Tagliani Vivai together.


In order to reach its goals, CIV works in partnership with the best international hybridation programs and commercial companies to test varieties throughout the world, to guarantee commercial success to marketing businesses, and provide healthy fruits to consumers.
CIV is a founder member of INN, International New-varieties Network, an association that promotes the exchange, evaluation and marketing of new varieties in the major fruit production areas in the world.
• To develop new breeds and varieties
• To develop new horticultural regions
• To develop a worldwide technical and commercial structure for the promotion of new varieties
• To develop a standard, coordinated evaluation process

The C.I.V. is especially known for its strawberries and apples that offer high quality characteristics, adaptability and resistance.





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