Success in Berlin for the ‘CIV & Friends Meeting’ event and the Modì Apple International meeting with Licensees

Success in Berlin for the ‘CIV & Friends Meeting’ event and the Modì Apple International meeting with Licensees


The CIV celebrates the 50 years of its Indian partner IG International


The CIV – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti of San Giuseppe di Comacchio (Ferrara, Italy), excellence in innovative varietal research at an international level, is taking stock of its participation in Fruit Logistica 2020, – the world’s leading event dedicated to the world of fruit and vegetables – , which has become an important meeting place for international operatorswho are interested in new products and major varietal development projects.

On the eve of the opening of the Berlin event at the Steigenberger Hotel of Berlin, the second edition of the ‘CIV & Friends Meeting’ took place with a large participation of representatives of companies interested in the preview presentation of the CIV Product & Project Portfolio of new apple varieties/selections.

During the Fair, the traditional annual Modi® Apple IMMCA Meeeting (‘International Marketing Cooperation & Coordination Agreement’) also took place, organised by the CIV – owner of the patent of the Civg198* apple variety and of the Modì® brand with which it is marketed worldwide – with its Authorised International Licensees in order to implement and coordinate the marketing strategies necessary for the development of the Modì® brand and to share the production techniques of the CIVG198* variety, in full compliance with environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, the CIV had the honour of taking part in the evening-Event of 06/02/2020 for the 50th Anniversary of its Partner IG INTERNATIONAL, which – with its Director Tarun Arora and the entire company management – has hailed 2020 as a very special year since its foundation in 1970 by organising a special party where they also revealed their future plans for global expansion. Please note that IG INTERNATIONAL is currently the only distributor/importer of CIVG198 fruit under the Modì® brand for the whole Indian region.

During the Berlin trade fair, CIV President Pier Filippo Tagliani, with the Business Development Manager Marco Bertolazzi, the Brand/Project Manager Dario Lezziero and the Technical Manager Marzio Zaccarini, met the many international operators interested in the latest CIV news on apple, pear and strawberry, which differ mainly in the following features: ease of cultivation, productivity, long conservation and shelf-life, high organoleptic characteristics, attractive appearance, adaptability to different soil and climate conditions, resistance to certain diseases (core aspect of the CIV genetic improvement programme).

‘The Berlin Fair, – concludes CIV President Pier Filippo Tagliani – despite the expected absence of Asian operators, is certainly confirmed as the main International Event of the entire fruit and vegetable industry (i.e.: research-production-marketing and related services), and we thank all interested operators who visited us to learn about our selections/varieties of Apple, Strawberry and Pear; the last ones were developed by the University of Bologna thanks to private funding from the CIV’.



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Located in San Giuseppe di Comacchio (near Ferrara), the Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) has been active since 1983. It is composed of three important Italian Nurseries: Vivai Mazzoni, Salvi Vivai and Tagliani Vivai. With over 40 years of experience, CIV is one of the most specialised companies in the world of strawberry/apple/pear variety development and research, with the goal of reaching a high level of variety innovation and the production of materials certified in Europe and around the world. Through synergy, expertise and major investments in research, CIV is able to offer cutting edge products which are highly responsive to the demands of the market. For years, CIV has been committed to selecting varieties that provide high-quality yields with low energy consumption and low environmental impact. CIV is a founding member of the International New-varieties Network (INN), a global association of nurseries that promotes the exchange, enhancement and sale of new varieties in the world’s main productive regions. CIV is also a member of Centro Attività Vivaistiche (CAV), a cooperative of growers that, since its founding in 1982, has focused on maximum quality in the production of nursery stock, within the national, European and international certification system. CAV is also a founding member of CIVI-ITALIA, Italy’s Inter-professional Centre for Nursery Activities.