Fruit Logistica Exhibition 2018 – Berlin


The CIV’s varietal innovation at 2018 Berlin FRUIT LOGISTICA Exhibition

Modi® apple is growing internationally landing on the Indian subcontinent too                                                                                                                                      


At the 2018 “three-day event” of Fruit Logistica in Germany CIV-Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti is present with its own exhibition space to showcase the latest new eco-sustainable varieties (apples, pears and strawberries) with low environmental impact. The 2018 FRUIT LOGISTICA Exhibition is a great opportunity for CIV to get up-to-date with its Italian and International partners, as well as an important showcase for the CIV’s latest products and a chance to make numerous new international contacts for the development of its projects around the world.

During Fruit Logistica, the CIV,–owner of the apple variety Civg198 and of the trademark Modì®  under which  the apples are marketed –  will organize the fifth “Modi International Meeting”, an opportunity for the partners to debate on developing the cultivation of apples worldwide coordinating and mutually reinforcing, with full regard to environmental sustainability.

The main objective is simply to develop the apple brand Modì® and to fully share “best practice” in the area of marketing & production technology. Modì® apple Partners in Europe, Turkey, Serbia, the United States, Australia, Uruguay, Chile and New Zealand will warmly greet the new Indian Commercial Partner I.G. INTERNATIONAL. In fact, the apple Project (apple variety Civg198 and trademark Modì®) has been landed on the Indian subcontinent too. Recently the Chairman of CIV – Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti – Pier Filippo Tagliani and the Director of I.G. INTERNATIONAL Pvt Ltd Tarun Arora have officially signed a Commercial Partnership Agreement to develop the Modìciv™ apple brand in India.

I.G. International Pvt Ltd has been appointed as an officially Authorized Distributor in India of the apples branded Modìciv™ , supporting CIV gradually to reach the shared goal of appropriately positioning the apple and developing it in the Indian market through the main distribution channels of Retail/Normal Trade/Ho.Re.Ca.

IG International Pvt. Ltd. has established a strong and consolidated fresh produce procurement & handling capacities for over 31 varieties of fruits from 22 Countries by satisfying the diversified tastes of the Indian markets. This agreement represents the first important step towards the systematic, structured development of the Modìciv® apple brand in the Indian market.

The International apple Project (Civg198 and Modi® are respectively an apple variety and a trademark owned by CIV) has numerous Licensees/Partners (for Production and/or Commercialization) in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres with the aim over the next three years to achieve a production of around 1,000 hectares with a global yield of approximately 30,000 tons”.